Dan Bacon Review on Medium by a Modern Man Customer

A customer of The Modern Man, using the name ‘R’ for privacy, has written a review about Dan Bacon’s programs and advice. See: Dan Bacon review (My Honest Review)

R went from getting occasional results with women prior to learning from Dan Bacon, to getting consistent, easy results with pretty women.

He also went from being almost confident, to totally confident and fearless in terms of approaching and interacting with women he finds attractive.

He contacted The Modern Man on a number of occasions to his excitement, gratitude and thanks for the new levels of success with women that he had been able to achieve since learning from the programs.

Prior to that, he had learned from many other dating coaches, but remained stuck at the same level of success and in some cases, went backward and became less confident and able to attract and pick up beautiful women.

All that changed when he learned from The Modern Man and discovered the real secrets to easy, natural and consistent success with beautiful women.

By Dan Bacon

Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert for TheModernMan.com and has been helping men succeed with women since 2005. He is also the founder of ModernX.com, an innovative company that produces supplements with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.