About Me

My area of expertise is in teaching men how to be successful with women, which I have been doing full-time since 2005.

Through my website The Modern Man, I give men the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to approach women they find attractive and either secure a phone number or date, or kiss the woman and have sex that night.

It’s up to each man how he uses that power.

Most guys I help just want to find a girlfriend or wife and settle down with her for life, while others want to enjoy having sex with many women (like I did for about 10 years, before I decided to settle down).

I also teach men how to keep the love, respect and attraction alive in a lifelong relationship, as well as how to get an ex woman back.

I gained my expertise on the subjects of attraction, dating and relationships by approaching 100s of women in bars and clubs until I worked out how to walk up to an attractive woman and either get her phone number to call her later, or kiss and have sex with her that night.

Why did I approach so many women and become so skilled at attracting women and thus having my pick of women?

I was motivated to gain that level of control over this area of my life because, despite my good job in the corporate world and the fact that I was a good guy, almost every woman I met wasn’t interested in me.

I thought to myself, “There has to be something wrong with my approach to women. I’m obviously doing something wrong” and it was right then and there that I decided to begin the journey that has led to me becoming one of the world’s best-known dating coaches for men.

After about one and a half years of enjoying fun times with women (i.e. sleeping with new women all the time, having multiple girlfriends at once), I realized that I was now very confident in myself, had my choice of women and even had women trying to pick me up when I went out on the town.

I then decided to share my dating secrets via my eBook The Flow, which is also available as an audiobook (The Flow on Audio).

I’ve helped millions of men from all over the world via my free advice and many thousands via my products, including The Flow.

I will continue to help and share my knowledge of how to be successful with women.

Recently, I also created an innovative company called ModernX, which produces health supplements with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.

I’m looking forward to making more healthy and helpful contributions to the world as the years go on.


Dan Bacon